Katabat Undestanding Blockchain

Whitepaper: Understanding Blockchain: The Powerful Technology Behind Cryptocurrency

Gated Content Form - Understanding Blockchain

Making Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Less Cryptic

The financial industry moves so fast that industry buzzwords can take over conversations before anyone knows what they really mean. Our “What the Buzz?” series of white papers unpacks some of latest popular jargon and exposes the inner workings. In this white paper, we dive into how blockchain technology works and its critical role underpinning cryptocurrencies.

What's in this whitepaper?


Download the full version above to access:

  • Nodes mining hashes for a distributed ledger? We demystify crypto jargon.

  • Features for finance: understand why companies with no interest in cryptocurrency speculation are adopting blockchain technology

  • The Crypto Casino: insight into the hidden drawbacks to the get-rich-quick hype surrounding cryptocurrency speculation

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