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Our solutions drive customer engagement and loyalty and meet the most stringent security and compliance standards.

Our story

In 2006 a small group of experienced credit lenders and leading technologists joined forces to build a transformative customer experience management platform. The purpose was to address a fundamental obstacle facing the banking industry: antiquated IT systems. These systems were inflexible and stove-piped, creating inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction.

Breaking away from old conventions, “Collections Marketing Center” (or CMC), was formed. The name was thoughtfully chosen to reflect a belief that marketing teams and credit / operational teams were grappling with the same fundamental business challenge: how to dynamically design and present relevant offers to customers to achieve engagement and profitable take-up. Consumer credit lending was (and is) a data-rich endeavor, but too many rigid systems were making it too difficult for lenders to deliver great data-driven offers.

CMC has grown and evolved since 2006 and is now Katabat providing leading edge customer experience management technology to lenders across the globe. Designed and delivered by lending industry and technology experts, Katabat addresses the strategic pain points we know our customers face—because we once stood in their shoes.

Today, Katabat is a technology disruptor that delivers great customer experience management solutions with unique industry expertise and process-driven speed. Our next step? Incorporating ground-breaking AI and advanced data analytics into our platform.

Our Name

Created by financial industry experts, the Katabat platform (formerly CredAgility) is the unified technology foundation that powers our solutions across marketing, customer service, collections, recovery, and agency management.

As our business has evolved, we concluded that our name and brand needed to evolve as well.

A katabatic wind is a powerful wind resulting from swirling gusts that find order and begin to move in a single direction. We chose this metaphor since it reflects what our clients hope to accomplish when they work with us.

Clients need to utilize vast amounts of potentially fragmented data at multiple touchpoints to drive customer loyalty. But in the complexity of today’s regulatory frameworks, antiquated technology environments, and piecemeal operational assembly, there’s no productive progress, only disorganized wheel-spinning.

As katabatic winds create strength out of chaos, our solutions bring order to clients’ data to drive forward-moving engagement with their customers.

Take Control of Your Customer Experience and Grow With Katabat

We take care of technology and regulation so you can focus on creating lasting relationships with your customers while meeting all of their needs across the consumer lending lifecycle. Explore our debt management, operational workflow, and customer lifecycle management solutions today.

See how the power of the unified Katabat platform can help you deploy faster, at a fraction of the cost.

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