Digital Onboarding. Inspired.

Drive engaged and profitable customer relationships with personalized customer onboarding communications.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

You spend time, money, and effort capturing new customers. Once they come aboard you may think your work is done. Not so fast: the next 90 days are the most critical to ensuring that your efforts pay off. Katabat Digital Onboarding brings you the power of digital strategy and execution management to foster long-term customer relationships.

Right Message at the Right Time

We understand that inactive customers are 25-40% more likely to attrite in the first 2—3 months. Katabat Digital Onboarding is designed by bankers for bankers to help you optimize the first 90 days and beyond of customer onboarding. Our flexible platform allows you to drive onboarding with the right message, at the right time.

Consistent and Compliant. Check.

In addition to highly individualized digital offers that work, you also benefit from consistent messaging. Keep compliant with an audit trail of all your digital communications, including content creators and publishers. All boxes checked.

Man Looking at Data on Desktop Computer

Your Challenges, Solved.

Cost-effective, centrally managed communications through all channels including Katabat's
Two-Way SMS

Offer management strategies and superior service

Personalized customer experience through a mobile-responsive, self-service portal

Increased customer engagement and stronger lifetime relationships

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