Shift Your Focus to Succeed in Digital Onboarding


Cross-selling and upselling are important ways to build relationships with customers, but it needs to be individualized and done at the right time. The person who expects her barista to know ahead of time that she always gets a grande, quad, nonfat, one-pump, no-whip mocha is also going to expect her bank to accurately predict … Read more

How to Increase Your ROI With Multichannel Campaign Management

Multichannel campaign management Katabat

In an increasingly mobile world, customers are more connected than ever. Nearly all consumers are highly digitally active across several channels. Harness their focus and reach them leveraging the combined multichannel power of email, social media, digital marketing, print mail, IoT, and more. According to ARF, adopting multichannel campaign management (MCCM) can increase your ROI by … Read more

4Finance Streamlines Consumer Debt Management and Customer Communications With Katabat

4Finance Case Study Katabat

You can’t build an innovative consumer lending company on traditional technology. That’s what 4Finance, Europe’s largest online and mobile consumer lender, discovered. And it’s why 4Finance turned to Katabat to provide a flexible, efficient, consistent consumer debt management solution during their period of explosive growth. Since its founding in 2008, 4Finance has spread to serve … Read more

Time to Get the Message With Two-Way SMS

Two-Way SMS Transforming Retail and Insurance eBook Cover

There’s a reason why Nordstrom has an excellent reputation for customer experience. The retailer has been listening to what customers want for over a century. As Forbes points out, what that entails today is up-to-the-minute innovations in digitally enabled shopping. Nordstrom has been particularly innovative in its approach to shopping via SMS text messaging. Nordstrom’s … Read more

Cowboy Up: How to Capture the Right Multichannel Campaign Management System

Cowboy on Horse Illuminating Path Forward

In the Old West, a cowboy depended on his horse to help control huge herds of cattle that wanted to go in all directions. The challenge was that first he had to find the right horse and tame it. The feeling of approaching a herd of longhorn steers is probably familiar to today’s marketers. You … Read more

Katabat Teams With LivePerson to Deliver B2C Two-Way SMS Messaging

Katabat today announced the launch of the company’s highly anticipated Two-Way SMS product. Reaching customers via the channels they prefer is a key element of a personalized marketing approach. For many of today’s customers, short messaging service (SMS) text messaging on mobile devices is their preference. According to Dimension Data, while 89 percent of customers … Read more

Digital Onboarding Hurdles and How to Destroy Them


Digital services have totally transformed banking. Customer experience management today means less free pens and lollipops, and more apps. The financial organizations that I work with every day have invested heavily in awesome new tools for every stage of the modern customer experience. But in many cases, they aren’t achieving the kind of engagement and … Read more

Get Real… Customer Engagement with Two-Way SMS


A few days ago, the retail world was abuzz with news that Lowe’s has entered into an agreement with Apple. Under their new agreement, Lowe’s will leverage Apple’s Business Chat platform and begin to offer its customers a new way to engage with the brand: two-way SMS. Marketing communication, traditionally, has been a lot like … Read more

Katabat (formerly CMC) Featured in CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Customer Experience Management Solution Providers of 2017

Man showing three people something on a computer screen

In its annual listing of the 20 most promising customer experience management (CXM) providers, Katabat, is recognized by CIOReview Magazine at the forefront of CXM solutions impacting the marketplace. Katabat CEO Ray Peloso also contributed an article to the magazine titled Delivering a 360 Degree Customer View. The article is reprinted below and also available … Read more

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