New Customer Experience Management Releases Focus on Customer Centricity

Katabat Code Interface

We’re happy to announce the release of Katabat 8.1! This release streamlines use for strategists and associates as well as improving mobile customer marketing communications. You can read more about our partnership with clients in a continuous cycle of innovation in the full press release. Enhancements include: Consumer lending clients will see improved responsive email … Read more

Personalize Communication to Drive Loyalty (Or, Why You Need to Know Who You’re Talking To)

Woman using her mobile phone outdoors

Since I last wrote about Accenture’s report, titled “Financial Providers: Transforming Distribution Models for the Evolving Consumer,” I’ve been thinking a lot about effective communications with emerging Gen YZ personas. Should I take an academic approach? Should I channel my inner Aesop and weave together a parable? What I landed on was to take my … Read more

The Unpredictability of Life, Finance, and Water Polo

Two men playing water polo

Adam Richardson, Executive General Manager of International Markets This is the first entry of my blog series that will focus on driving customer engagement, international markets, and hardship capabilities. If you had told me at age 17 that I would be living in Perth and working in the collections and finance industry, I’m quite certain … Read more

Branching Out: The Value of Self-Service

Communication Features Graphic

I recently came upon some interesting statistics showing exactly how mobile we’ve become as a society. First, we’re now seeing that the majority of customers prefer shopping online rather than in stores. While that fact may not be earth shattering (except for brick and mortar retailers), a few others I recently saw did catch me … Read more

Toward a Customer Experience Management “Ecosystem”

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More and more companies today are touting “superior customer experience management” capabilities. Some are talking about new contact center software, others website visitor tracking and analysis software, still others are describing omnichannel delivery platforms, and some are mentioning “CXM” in the contact of development platforms or CRM databases. Clearly they’re focused on the customers’ experience … Read more

What is the Impact of Mobile on Our Customer Experience Management Efforts?

I saw it again the other day: another headline for a webinar screaming out “Understand the 5 implications for optimizing collections in a mobile world” or some such thing. As if, by merely “implementing mobile” (whatever they mean by that: is it text messaging? two-way text messaging, the latest hot fad? Two-way email? Web transactions … Read more

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